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Laupheim was first mentioned in and gained city rights in One of the main trading routes, from Ulm to Ravensburg and then on towards Lake Constance ran through Laupheim. Having developed from a rural settlement into a small urban area, Laupheim is home to a number of small to medium-sized industries and businesses. Laupheim was the administrative centre of the district of Laupheim from until when the district was abolished.

The southern parts of it were incorporated into the district of Biberach including Laupheim laupheim dating whereas the remainders were allocated to the district of Ulm. In the second half of the 19th century Laupheim was home to the largest Jewish community in the Kingdom of Württemberg.

Laupheim is the educational centre for the surrounding rural areas particularly with laupheim dating to secondary education. Laupheim is the second largest city in the district of Biberach. The original settlement of Laupheim was located close to the Rottum which still runs through the city but since the city has expanded and sprawls onto the surrounding slopes. With effect of 1 Januar Laupheim has been awarded the status of major district town.

The area in and around Laupheim has been settled from very early times onwards. Archaeological evidence shows that years laupheim dating nomadic tribes roamed the countryside, laupheim dating.

From ca. From the first century CE until around the year CE, laupheim dating, it was part of the Roman province of Raetiaafter which the Alamanni invaded the Agri Decumateseventually also settling in the area that was to become Laupheim. During archaeological excavations in graves dating from the Merovingian period were discovered in the northern part of the town. Laupheim was first mentioned as Louphaim in a charter dated This reference is the earliest of any city in Upper Swabia and any parish in the district of Biberach, laupheim dating.

Situated in the vicinity of two major trade routes between the Lake of Constance and Ulm and the Swabian Alb and the valley of the river Iller respectively, Laupheim developed into a major settlement. In laupheim dating, it was elevated to the status of town when a court responsible for the Rammachgau also spelled Rammagau was set up there. As early as the 10th century, Laupheim possessed a parish church with subsidiaries. InLaupheim and its surroundings were destroyed by the Hungarians.

A castle is mentioned around the year Laupheim appears to have been home of an indigenous noble family, whose members used the suffix von Laupheim. They were attested for the first time in with Landoldus laupheim dating Lobhein and seemed to have been in service of the counts of Kirchberg.

The last known member of this family laupheim dating Berchtolt von Laupheim who was a citizen of Ulmlaupheim dating, [6] long after his family has lost possession of any rights in Laupheim around After the collapse of the Empire laupheim dating the Staufers during the 13th century, the castle and parish of Laupheim came into the possession of the Truchsessen von Waldburg who, insold Laupheim together with their other possessions in Upper Swabia to the Austrian House of Habsburg.

The Habsburgs mortgaged Laupheim in to laupheim dating barons von Ellerbach and enfeoffed this baronial family in with castle, town and patronage of the church.

The village was badly affected by the crisis of the mid 14th century, laupheim dating, caused by the Black Death and other factors. The population shrunk and as a consequence the hamlet of Ringelhausensituated between Laupheim and Bronnenwas abandoned and eventually lost in the 15th century.

The Herren von Ellerbach had St Leonhard's Chapel built inwhich soon became a place of pilgrimage. InEmperor Sigismund bestowed upon Burkhard von Ellerbach the right to hold regular markets, Laupheim thereby becoming a market townand also the privilege of inflicting high justicewhich gave him the right to hold a criminal court inflicting bodily punishment, including the death penalty.

The local ruler was now master of life and death. Due to the weekly market and the annual Gallus -market, Laupheim quickly developed into a commercial centre.

During the course of the German Peasants' WarLaupheim Castle was destroyed by the Baltringer Haufenlaupheim dating, an army of peasants named after the nearby village of Baltringenwhere approximately After the suppression of the revolt, the peasants were forced to rebuild the castle. After the agnatic line of the Ellerbach dynasty became extinct inLaupheim passed through Hans Laupheim dating von Freyberg to the Herren von Welden in They turned Laupheim into their permanent residence and established the first school in From untilLaupheim was a Lordship Reichsritterschaft ruled by laupheim dating heir of the Welden family, whose title was " Imperial Knight " Reichsritter.

Inthe right to bear a coat of arms was given to Laupheim, laupheim dating, showing the colours of green, white and red together with three leaves on a three hills, thereby incorporating the coat-of-arms of the family of Welden with the three leaves, referring to the name of the town on the hills of the valley of the river Rottum. The last member of the House of Ellerbach, Anna von Freybergfounded the Hospital of the Holy Spirit inlaupheim dating, the building of which still exists and now functions as a retirement home.

As a consequence economic growth slowed down. During the Thirty Years' WarLaupheim repeatedly fell victim to the ravages of war, mainly due to marauding troops, both imperialthat is Catholic, and Swedishtheir Protestant opponents.

A massive outbreak of the bubonic plague in laupheim dating diminished the population. As a consequence of the Thirty Years' War, the feudal lords attempted to increase taxation and extend the amount of socage the peasants had to do for them. This led to legal conflicts between the two parties, which lasted for decades.

This which was made possible by a contract, protecting the Jews, laupheim dating. The Jews were made to settle in an area of the town soon to be called Judenberg literally Jews' mountain or Jews' hill. Subsequently, a Jewish quarter evolved, with a cemetery, laupheim dating, synagogue, school and a Rabbi 's office.

Between andthe branch of the Welden dynasty that ruled Kleinlaupheim had their residence renewed in Baroque -style by architect Johann Georg Specht. This castle is now called Schloss Kleinlaupheim Kleinlaupheim Castle. This makes Laupheim unique in that it has two castles within its city boundaries, as a result of once having been two independent states.

Ina town hall and the granary were built in the Upper Market Square, laupheim dating. Following the Reichsdeputationshauptschlussthe mediatisation and secularisation of numerous secular and ecclesiastical principalities within the former Holy Roman Empireboth parts of Laupheim were annexed by the newly formed Kingdom of Württemberg in The last ruler of Laupheim was Constantin von Welden, laupheim dating.

Laupheim first became administratively part of the district of Wiblingenbut in the district administration was moved to Laupheim, creating the district of Laupheim. The district as abolished in when Laupheim became part of the district of Biberach.

Due to laws based on the ideas of the enlightenmentlaupheim dating, servitude in the Kingdom of Württemberg was abolished in During the same period, laws forcing Jews laupheim dating live in separate quarters and excluding them from most business activities were revoked. This enabled them to contribute enormously laupheim dating the economic laupheim dating Laupheim was experiencing, even though complete civil rights were not granted until Inwith laupheim dating arrival of civil servants from the original Duchy of Württemberg Altwürttemberga Protestant parish was founded.

Ina train station opened two kilometers west of Laupheim, on the railway line Ulm-Friedrichshafen from Ulm to Friedrichshafenthis station laupheim dating being named as Laupheim-West. InLaupheim was granted a city charter by King Karl Laupheim dating. In the same year, the first institute of further education, a Lateinschulewas established in Laupheim. InLaupheim, laupheim dating, being part of the Kingdom of Württemberg, was incorporated into the German Empire.

During the steep economic growth of the Gründerzeitthe period between andlaupheim dating, Laupheim had the highest density of public houses in the whole Kingdom of Württemberg, laupheim dating. Inthe city was connected to the railway line Ulm-Friedrichshafen by a branch linelinking the railway artery with the city itself. At the same time a train station was built in the city. However, the appointment of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany in and the systematic deprivation and subsequent suppression of Jews in Germany, also had their effects on Laupheim dating, culminating in the destruction by fire of the synagogue during the so-called Kristallnacht Due to the programme of aryanizationmany businesses in Laupheim originally owned by Jewswere expropriated and transferred into German ownership, laupheim dating.

Inthe remaining Jews in Laupheim were resettled within the city, only to be deported to concentration and extermination camps in and After the last of four transports, the Jewish community in Laupheim ceased to exist on 19 August Sixty-two Jewish citizens of Laupheim perished in the Shoahonly two survived.

New schools were built: a grammar schoola realschule and a new town hall. From the s onwards, these projects were followed by a new district hospital, a public in-doors swimming pool, a renovated stadium, named after Gretel Bergmann who was laupheim dating in Laupheim, and an omnibus interchange.

Additionally, several industrial estates on the outskirts of the city were established in order to attract trade and industry. As a consequence, companies from outside Laupheim established offices and production facilities there, as well as companies that formerly had been operating from the city centre. Having developed from a rural market town into a city, predominated by industry, trade and the service industries, the demographics of Laupheim have changed as well, laupheim dating.

After growing continuously from untilfrom the Gründerzeit until the Nazis came to power, this development came to a halt. The stagnation and eventual decrease in population was due to increasing persecution of the Jews, as a result of which many Jewish inhabitants left Laupheim or, afterwere deported and subsequently murdered.

Sincethe population of Laupheim has almost doubled. This is due to the fact that a great number of refugees from formerly German territories east of the Oder-Neisse line laupheim dating settled in Laupheim.

The establishment of a German Army Aviation Corps airbase in further contributed to the growth in population. After the collapse of the Soviet Union inan influx of ethnic Germans from the Commonwealth of Independent States added to the population growth. As of 31 Decemberthe number of non-German inhabitants of Laupheim totals 3, During the local elections on 26 Mayall seats on the city council were contested. The elections gave the following result: [14].

Laupheim is part of the constituency of Biberach for elections to the Landtag of Baden-Württemberg as well as the Bundestag. Laupheim had a laupheim dating court which was a branch of the laupheim dating court of Biberach. The Laupheim branch was closed on 1 April The German Army Aviation Corps base was established in utilizing already existing facilities.

Medium Transport Regiment 25 was disbanded on 31 December when personnel and material were transferred to the German Air Force and re-established as Helicopter Wing 64 on 1 January The unit disbanded in laupheim dating Until the beginning of the s the regiment had only seen service in laupheim dating NATO countries, mainly while on manoeuvre or on aid-missions after natural disasters. This mission began in June and ended with the last soldiers returning in December of the same year.

With a workforce of about 1, both military and civilian, the base is the largest, laupheim dating, single employer in Laupheim. The existence of a castle in Laupheim was documented for the first time around the year There is no evidence that the castle originally consisted of more than a wooden structure. This castle existed until the Peasants' War inlaupheim dating, when it was laupheim dating by rebellious peasants. After the end of hostilities, the peasants were forced to rebuild the castle in stone.



Laupheim dating

laupheim dating

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